Is Soma an invincible remedy for muscle soreness?

Soma is a muscle relaxer and the way it works is that the pain sensations between the nerves and the brain are blocked out by it. Soma is therefore taken in conjunction with physical therapyas well as rest. Soma is also prescribed for a lot of musculoskeletal conditions. Soma is specially prescribed for those that have strained their joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. This happens when these are over exerted, overworked or strained. This is normally the case with athletes who overuse a certain part and thus suffer from these problems.

Whocan takeSoma?

Soma is taken by people who have sore muscles after heavy workouts and by people who have muscle pain as well as discomfort. Compacts centrally as it belongs to the carbamate class and all the effects that the barbiturate receptor ligands have are produced by it.

Effects of Soma on muscles

  • The main effect of the Soma muscle relaxant is to relax the stress and strain in the muscles and this decreases the muscle tone and it affects the function of the skeletal muscles. That is the reason why the spasm, pain, as well as hyperreflexia are alleviated with use of Soma.
  • The effects of Soma are analgesic as it helps to relieve the pain felt by the person as it acts on the central nervous system.
  • Soma is Anxiolytic which is anti-panic or it works as an anti-anxiety agent. The way Soma works is that it stops anxiety and helps to calm the person down.
  • Somahelps with Sedation as it reduces the irritability of the person or the agitation of the person.
  • Soma increases the somnolence or the sleepiness or drowsiness of the person and so the person has a strong desire to sleep or sleeps for longer periods of time.

Potency for Soma abuse

Soma is administered carefully as it is a very potent drug. Soma drug action can be seen within 30 minutes of consumption and the effects of the drug last between 2 – 6 hours. The half-life of Soma is 8 hours and quite a considerable quantity is metabolized into meprobamate. This is the reason why Soma has a potential for drug abuse.

Possible Side effects of Soma while relieving muscle soreness

  • The side effect of Soma is that the patient has impaired ability to work with motor vehicles, firearms and other kinds of machinery.
  • Soma cannot be taken with alcohol. Also when one is on Soma when they have withdrawal symptoms,these symptoms can be prolonged and the symptoms are like those of alcohol withdrawal. Soma even causes status epilepticus.
  • Soma also causes psychological dependence and hence it is not given by the doctors unless the patient really needs it and that is the reason why this is a scheduled drug too.
  • Soma results in persistent cognitive changes and these changes last for weeks and even months. These changes include depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, aggression, hair trigger agitation, phobias, insomnia, short as well as long-term memory loss, and reduced IQ. That is the reason these are never prescribed to those patients who have a history of alcohol or substance abuse or are even prone to it.