Reflexology is an eastern practice called as zone therapy. It is a method of applying pressure on areas of your feet and hands, thereby stimulating blood flow and removing toxin build up. According to this treatment, each spot in your hands and feet are connected to certain organs. By stimulating nerves in your limbs, you are promoting health to various inner organs.


Benefits of reflexology


It is a major tool for relaxation. Thus, it goes without saying that people who suffer from depression, anxiety disorder, stressful work life and who have stress related medical problems which are linked to the heart can reduce their stress and thereby, reduce risk of serious medical ailment.


People with allergies like acid reflux, chronic sinus problems and others can experience tremendous improvements with help of reflexology.


Fertility problem, menopause, PMS and other hormone related problems can be resolved to some extent, with help of reflexology by stimulating hormonal balance.


Children can experience reflexology in form of massages. It will help them to fight colic, bed wetting, constipation, infections in ear and others. There are studies to prove that reflexology drastically improves the treatment process in above stated conditions.


A scientific research has proved that reflexology induced high growth rate in children with cerebral palsy than those who did not receive this treatment.


Any chronic ailment which is related to gallbladder, pancreas, bladder, large intestine and kidney can be healed considerably with the help of reflexology.


Reflexology brings ease to you. This will help you remove stiffness or pain in any part of body which has occurred due to lack of exercise, poor diet, bad posture or an injury.


This improves overall health and quality of life in people of all age group.


This helps to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation. This helps in treatment of various ailments, including chronic tiredness and insomnia. It works as a nervous system stimulator.


With improved circulation, immunity of body is also improved, thereby increasing probability of fighting problems like allergies.


k) This method helps to fight diseases and medical conditions without causing any form of side effects.


l) It is a good detoxification process for those who are trying to withdraw themselves from any habit forming substance.

We have come to the end of list of benefits of reflexology. Before you start this practice, you need to clearly understand a few points about this treatment process. First of all, you cannot gain all above stated benefits, if you just try it once. It is an ongoing process and you ought to be patient to enjoy its benefits. You should perform this at least for a couple of months to find a considerable change in your medical condition. Secondly, simply rubbing your hands and feet would not help you. You need to either hire a professional reflexologist or learn how to perform it thoroughly. The last tip is for those who have serious ailments. Reflexology can help to reduce pain and illness in the people who have serious life threatening condition too. However, you should remember that reflexology is an add-on treatment. You cannot stop your medication just because you are about to start reflexology.