Your portal to depend for health is dedicated to provide the readers with rich information on reflexology, aromatherapy, stress and tension relief, and treating illness. Our portal helps you to get to the bottom of reflexology and how the same can play a role in improving your health. With a team which has years of practice in the alternative therapies, we have the ability to impart the knowledge of reflexology and aromatherapy along with the process that needs to be followed. Stress reducing tips, curative care measures to treat various illnesses are other focus areas of our website. Marivellareflexology is the abode for all your reflexology and other associated queries.

We understand reflexology the physician’s way: brings to you the precise meaning of reflexology in a better and less complicated way. Our specialists elucidate reflexology as a therapeutic method that relieves pain by inducing pressure on the specific reflex points of hands, feet and ears which has direct healing connection to certain organs in the body. This application of pressure on the focus points will circulate the blood flow in the body that aids one towards better health. Unlike other therapies that are used to treat disorders or ailments, reflexology does not treat any illness nor is it a diagnosis for other medical disorders. With the reflexology tips recommended by us it is also possible to minimize the effects of other illnesses like diabetes, asthma, anxiety, and also increases the chances healing these maladies.

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